Alfredo ”Freddy” Lopez Jr. is a professional illustrator and comic artist who is well known for his comic cover art, concept, game and sketch card work. He has collaborated with many top names as a comic colorist. His work can be found in genres ranging from Superhero to fantasy and sci-fi and include many classic characters often with a pop culture mash-up to his work.

Additionally, Freddy and his artwork can usually be spotted in galleries and art events around his hometown of San Antonio throughout the year.

Current Projects:

Freddy is currently working on cards for Marvel Comics and Upper Deck Entertainment as well as comic and game art for various companies.He was also the cover artist for JournalStone’s third book in the DoubleDown series featuring Joe McKinney’s “Dog Days” and Sanford Allen’s “Deadly Passage” and a concept/cover artist for the BattleStations RPG!


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Credits include:

Journalstone Publishing, Upper Deck, Rittenhouse Archives, 5finity, Rogue Games, Image/Shadowline Comics, Grognardia Games, Breygent Marketing, APE Entertainment, Markosia Publishing, Twomorrows Publishing, ANA Comics, Less than Three, Nate Piekos/Blambot, ComicBreak.com, Mongoose Publishing and more!

Some comic specifics are:

  • Cover and Interior colorist for Warriors of the Dharuk with Stephen Lindsay and Dave Myers

  • Cover colorist for Chris Mill’s Femme Noir book with Joe Staton by Ape Entertainment.

  • Cover colorist for the After the Cape Vol1 trade paperback for Image Comics

  • Cover colorist for the After the Cape Vol2 issues 1-3 for Image Comics

  • Colorist for an 8 pg short of Dwight MacPherson’s “Morbid MIlton” published by Cryptic Magazine

  • Colorist for a 4 page guest spot in Nate Piekos’ Atland Comics with Brandon J. Carr.

  • Cover Colorist for Nate Piekos’ Atland Comics issues 1-4 with Lee Morin

  • Cover for StarShip Troopers #3 with Chris DiBari by Markosia publishing.

  • A cover on Dead Men Tell no Tales: Decimation with Chris DiBari for Arcana

  • Pitch cover colorist for The Daughter of Dracula with Rob Davis and Ron Fortier

  • Pitch cover colorist for Chris Mill’s Sinbad: Coils of the Serpent with Eduardo Barreto.

  • Cover colorist for John Schlim’s Thistleheart with penciller Lan Medina

  • Cover colorist for several comics published by PV Comics.

  • Cover colorist for several comics published by ANA Comics.

  • Cover colorist for several comics published by Cornerstone Comics.


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Comic Artwork

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Concept Art
Comic Coloring
UX Design

Here’s a few clients and properties I’ve worked with so far:

UpperDeckCornerstoneANA ComicsSTBTCApe Entertainment

Image ComicsMarvel Comics SketchcardsJournalstone PublishingRittenhouseWalking Dead Sketchcards
Cherry Poptart SketchcardsGuardians of the Galaxy Sketchcards

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