Specializing in illustration work for Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi and Comics! Freddy’s work has been featured on young adult book covers, gaming books, collectible card games, comic covers,  sketch cards for Marvel, Walking Dead and so much more!

Concept Art

Got an story that needs a visual? A tooth and nail battle with a dragon or a shootout in a galaxy far, far away? Maybe a story, creature or a character that you’d like to see on the screen ? Freddy has the imagination and creativity to bring your ideas to life!

Sketch Cards & Covers

Looking to own some original sketchwork? Get your favorite superhero rendered on an exclusive blank cover variant comic! Lots of comic titles to choose from and they make excellent gifts! For the serious collector, ask about a sketch on an officially licensed sketch card from Upper Deck and Marvel. These are rare and limited with some great property selections!

About the Artist

Alfredo ”Freddy” Lopez Jr. is a professional illustrator well known for his concept, gaming, comic art, and sketch card work. He has worked for some of the biggest companies in the pop culture market and  as a comic colorist has collaborated with many top names in the business.

Additionally, Freddy and his artwork can usually be spotted in galleries and art events around his hometown of San Antonio throughout the year.

Freddy is currently working on several top properties for Upper Deck’s MARVEL card sets including Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, Mavel Classics and more.. Previously, he has been featured in such sets as Female Persuasion, Marvel’s Greatest Battles, The Women of Marvel and The Walking Dead card sets. Stay tuned for announcements of more projects which are in the works!

  • Attention to detail

    From texture to draftsmanship, no detail is overlooked in bringing your vision to life!

  • Creating what I love.

    Growing up around comics and fantasy work means I have a history with the pop culture scene. I grew up on it and my passion shows through in my work.

  • Lightning Fast Turnaround

    Your project with get my utmost attention and delivered as fast as possible without sacrificing quality.

  • Professionalism and Experience

    Years of experience with some of the top names in the industry means your creative project will be treated with professionalism and respect. From sketch to final art, we’ll work together to deliver the best art possible!

Current Auctions


Clients and Credits

Some companies I’ve had the privilege of working with include:

  • Upper Deck
  • Rittenhouse Archives
  • Cryptozoic
  • 5finity
  • Rogue Games
  • Image/Shadowline Comics
  • Grognardia Games
  • Breygent Marketing
  • APE Entertainment
  • Markosia Publishing
  • Mongoose Publishing
  • Twomorrows Publishing
  • ANA Comics
  • Less than Three
  • Nate Piekos/Blambot
  • And more.

Don’t Take My Word For It:

Daniel Larson

After following Freddy’s work for several years online I had the opportunity to hire him to digitally color a series of spot illustrations for an interactive, music community themed website. The work was done faster than I expected and far exceeded my expectations (which were already high). I like to think of Freddy as a secret weapon that I can call upon as though summoning a special weapon in a video game that will push artwork that I am providing to clients past the “this is great!” line into the “YOU JUST BLEW MY MIND!” place.less

Daniel LarsonIllustratorWikiTravel
Pete Barnstrom

Alfredo Lopez Jr. is the best artist I’ve ever found, bar none. The things he does with a simple pencil and paper astound, confound and propound his renown. He has created amazing work for me in the past, and I will do whatever it takes to get more from him in the future. What this world needs is more and better Freddy Lopezes!

Pete Barnstromfreelance camera and director at variousMedia Wiki