Bobs Burgers FanART Entries/Prints

I recently entered the Bob’s Burgers​ FanART contest (!! I went with a mashup of one of my all time favorite games Dungeons & Dragons​ with a Family Game Night idea!! I also got a few requests to make my entry into a print.. So, here they are!! Dungeon’s & Burgers!!

You can get a copy online on my site at×17/



There’s one version with a beholder for the hard core gamers, and another with Louise chasing BooBoo (From Boyz4Now)… As for the dungeoneers, I went with:

* Louise as the crazy hack & slash barbarian/fighter
* Gene as the “I’ll be right behind you” Bard
* Tina is the emo/loner wizard type.
* Linda is the “just happy to be included” elf princess
* Bob didn’t understand the rules, so he dressed up as a dragon.

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