Bobs Burgers FanART Entries/Prints

I recently entered the Bob’s Burgers​ FanART contest (!! I went with a mashup of one of my all time favorite games Dungeons & Dragons​ with a Family Game Night idea!! I also got a few requests to make my entry into a print.. So, here they are!! Dungeon’s & Burgers!!

You can get a copy online on my site at×17/



There’s one version with a beholder for the hard core gamers, and another with Louise chasing BooBoo (From Boyz4Now)… As for the dungeoneers, I went with:

* Louise as the crazy hack & slash barbarian/fighter
* Gene as the “I’ll be right behind you” Bard
* Tina is the emo/loner wizard type.
* Linda is the “just happy to be included” elf princess
* Bob didn’t understand the rules, so he dressed up as a dragon.

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Now open for Holiday Commissions!!


With the holidays fast approaching I’m officially opening up for Holiday Commissions!! Looking for the perfect Christmas Gift for yourself or a loved one?

Drawings and paintings of their favorite characters!
Your fave superhero on an actual comic’s cover?
Looking for an official licensed sketch card?
Even Digital illustrations are now open!

Have something special in mind? Feel free to contact me for a quote!


**All commissions will be taken on a first come first served basis. Commissions of $100 or more require 50% deposit. Please allow at least 1 week for completion when your piece is started.