Nerdvanacon 2018

I’ll be a featured guest this weekend at NISD’S NERDVANACON!!

November 10, 2018
NERDVANACON Come find Vendors . Artist , Cosplay Contest , Gaming etc. A con dedicated to exposing students to the arts in Comic Fields !

Morphinominal Expo!! Sept 2-3!!

WOOHOO!! Trakeena is descending upon the Alamo city but the Rangers are coming to our defense!!!

That’s right, the Morphinominal Expo is here!!

Stop by my table to pick up a copy of this signed and numbered Morphinominal Expo exclusive!! I also did the MMPR/Megazord prints for the event.. If you get one from them, bring it by my table to get it signed by me!!

For all you other fans, I’ll also have some of my *OFFICIAL* Topps cards for Star Wars, Marvel and The Walking Dead..

Also, PICKLE RICK prints will be available!! Danny Trejo just shared them on his page and they’ve been selling fast, so grab one before they’re gone!

Looking for original art? I’ll also be doing some commission sketches if you’re int

erested…. So much going on.. So come by, say hi & pick up some artwork… see you this weekend!!


Just spreading the word. Have a great weekend!

Bobs Burgers FanART Entries/Prints

I recently entered the Bob’s Burgers​ FanART contest (!! I went with a mashup of one of my all time favorite games Dungeons & Dragons​ with a Family Game Night idea!! I also got a few requests to make my entry into a print.. So, here they are!! Dungeon’s & Burgers!!

You can get a copy online on my site at×17/



There’s one version with a beholder for the hard core gamers, and another with Louise chasing BooBoo (From Boyz4Now)… As for the dungeoneers, I went with:

* Louise as the crazy hack & slash barbarian/fighter
* Gene as the “I’ll be right behind you” Bard
* Tina is the emo/loner wizard type.
* Linda is the “just happy to be included” elf princess
* Bob didn’t understand the rules, so he dressed up as a dragon.

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