Looking for an officially licensed piece of art? I’m finally putting a few of my Artist Proof sketch cards for sale. If you’re not a collector, here’s what sketch cards and an Artist Proof card is:

What’s an official Sketch Card?:

When you buy these collectible trading card packs at the comic shop, 1 in every few packs come with an original hand drawn card. Yup, If you’re lucky you can find an actual drawing by the artist! These are hand drawn cards on officially licensed cards. Now there’s several of us artists hired to draw these cards so the odds of getting one of *my* cards is pretty rare. Prices for these original pieces of art often get pretty high as collectors look for their favorite characters or even their favorite artists.

So what’s an ARTIST PROOF card?:

Part of our compensation for being an artist on the project is that we get back a certain amount of blank sketch cards for ourselves. These are called “Artist proofs” and are sometimes specially marked. Now these are EVEN RARER since we only get a few depending on the project. Because of this, prices will vary depending on the project and the amount of proof cards artists receive. The great thing is that instead of having to hunt down your favorite character, you can have a commission done and have a truly UNIQUE piece of card art by an officially licensed artist. Of course, this piece of art might still need to be approved by the companies like Marvel, UpperDeck, Rittenhouse, Firefly, etc so there are guidelines we must follow.

When these are offered, they tend to go quickly.

So why do people collect these? Well, to give you an idea of how rare these are… If 1 in every 10 packs of cards have 1 sketch card and 100 artists are asked to do 10 cards each for a project.. The odds of getting a sketch cards of mine is 1 in 10,000.
Now, to get a rare Artist proof custom made with your fave character?? Yeah, that’s pretty rare.